How it all began – Fangirl

Becoming a fangirl is not like deciding on what you will eat for breakfast, or what you will wear today. In fact you don’t really get to decide. It takes you by surprise- happens really fast, and before you know it you are cheering at a soccer match, screaming at a concert,following another persons life- singing their songs, dancing to their music, tweeting, writing and going absolutely crazy about them.

It is like a wave pulling you in. You try to swim out towards the shore, but you can’t. You are being pulled in deeper and deeper, and finally it swallows you.

Barbie dolls, books, stories, colouring pencils, fairytales, disney princesses are what I thought about when I was younger. The words “famous” or “celebrity” were not in my vocabulary. I did not know any famous people, I did not even know what the word “famous” meant.

All I watched on television was Arthur (And I say HEY what a wonderful kind of day…. – never gets old :P), Play school, Winx Club and a few other shows on ABC kids. In my first year of high school I started watching Hannah Montana, then Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a chance, Jonas, and all the disney shows with real people ( I still enjoyed cartoons though). So at this stage I already had a few favourite celebrities, but I was not what you call a “proper” fan yet- I just enjoyed their shows,

I remember my brother coming home from a tennis match (he watched live) one day, and  his excitement passed onto me, and I felt like I wanted to go and watch a live match too. I started playing tennis at the age of 8, and I was always a fan. When we started watching tennis on television I became a fan of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Novak Djokovic is Serbian,as are we, so it was exciting to see someone representing out country. I remember watching him play in 2008 at the Australian Open, and when he won it, I just shouted ” I want to meet him”. I cannot remember why it was so important for me to meet him, all I remember is that the following year when he came to sydney to play at the Medibank International Sydney Tennis Tournament ( Which is now the Apia International), I really badly wanted to watch him and meet him.

I ended up buying tickets and going to his match, and I remember being soooooo excited when his name was announced and he came out onto centre court, not just because he was my favourite tennis player, but also because it was the first time I watched anything live. I cheered so much! When the match finished, I asked my mum if we could try and meet him, and she was happy to try. I have no idea how we found the area where the tennis players hang out, but we did, and when my mum spotted Novak, she told me, and I called out to him, and within minutes he was standing in front of me. I was in shock! My mum started talking to him, and congratulating him, and I stood there (not being able to move) in shock. I could not believe my favourite tennis player was standing before me. When I snapped out of it, I spoke and then asked for a photo and autograph. I was too scared to put my arm around him- I didn’t know if I was allowed to, so I just stood there. (Gosh what was I thinking ahah). Whilst he was signing autographs for other people, I looked at the photo my mum took on my camera, and from so much excitement, I let out a little shriek/scream ( it was more like an “eeeppp” Lily does on Hannah Montana). I was a little embarrassed when Novak looked at me, but he smiled and instantly made me feel better  🙂

Meeting him felt incredible! Im not sure if it was because of his kindness, the fact that i got to call people up and say “guess who I just met”, or having a photo with the person who inspires you, but I suddenly had the urge to meet  or at least see more “celebrities” live/in person (well the ones I was a fan of).

The following year, I became a fan of One Direction. I started watching their videos from the x-factor, their video diaries, and then I just felt like I needed to know more, so I began following them on social media, buying books and of course googling them 🙂

In 2011, Miley Cyrus came to Australia for her Gypsy Heart Tour, and since I was a huge fan of Hannah Montana, my mum let me attend the concert with my best friend. It was my first concert, so you can just imagine how excited  was ( and how much money I spent on merchandise -.-) hehe 🙂

When I was going through a difficult time, Justin Bieber released his ‘NEVER SAY NEVER’ movie. It really inspired and motivated me, and because of it, I became a belieber.

Prior to 2009 I was a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and soccer, Novak and tennis, Miley, Selena and Demi, and in between 2009 and now, I became a fan of so many more celebrities. I started following them on social media, buying their books and other merchandise, and even going to their games/matches and concerts.

I could not stop! I wanted to know more. I needed to know more.

I felt that when I had a hard time at school or anywhere else, I could always turn to this other world I was living in. A world where celebrities inspire you, encourage you, show you that if you believe – anything is possible. A world where lyrics spoke to you- conveyed a strong message.

Every time I meet a celebrity/ go to a concert/ go to a soccer or tennis match, I feel like I can escape from the stressful and crazy world we live in. It relaxes me. I am around people who share the same interests as me, and who don’t hate on me for liking certain music. I always learn something from these celebrities – mostly things which later motivate me.

You cannot wake up one day, and turn it off. You cannot say ” that is it, I’ve had it, I am no longer following this sport. or them”. Its not that simple. They become/It becomes a part of you. And for me it is a part, which I very much like.

To all those people who try to bring me down, who laugh at me for being a fangirl, who think I cannot achieve certain things (some of you even call yourselves my friends) this ones for you……

“Your LOVE makes me strong, your HATE makes me unstoppable” – Cristiano Ronaldo

For me it all began with Novak, and continued with so many other people. Cannot wait to add another name to my list of “celebs that I love/that inspire me”.

Have you  met any celebrities? Who are your favourite celebrities ? Are you a fangirl or fanboy ?

Share your thoughts.




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