Taylor Swift Concert 🎤 👸🏼👑

Any Tay Tay fans out there ?

Ever since Taylor Swift’s 1989 album came out, I dreamt of going to the tour that would soon follow. I knew that the album with the most incredible songs, had to have an incredible concert/ tour, and guess what???  it did !!!

Two years ago today, I went to my very first Taylor Swift concert. It was a magical night, and ever since I’ve been dreaming of going again, and I did. Last Saturday night, one of my best friends and I were lucky enough to attend her Sydney concert, which was filmed for her concert dvd !!! YAY ❤

Words cannot describe how amazing the entire night was. Firstly Vance Joy – an extremely hunky Australian, opened up, and I couldn’t help but dance to his amazing hit – “Fire and the Flood”, which also happens to be my favourite song 🙂

Whilst he was performing my friend and I had a bet that Taylor Swift’s opening song would be WELCOME TO NEW YORK, and as soon as the lights went out, and we heard the catchy beat, we shouted WE WERE RIGHT, HI5 ! Taylor Swift entered, looking as stunning as ever, and the crowd went absolutely wild.

We danced, we sang, we laughed, we cried – it was better than our wildest dreams 😉

When she sang Love Story (my favourite Tay Tay song) my heart melted as I imagined being Juliet waiting for my Romeo, Style made me think of Harry Styles- which was great, and Shake it off made me shake off all the haters in my life.

Her messages, her sweet smile, her voice, and everything about her, made our night. She’s one of the most amazing artists out there, and she’s such a great role model that inspires me so much.

In my opinion 1989 is her best album, and her 1989 tour- the most incredible tour. I am so lucky that I witnessed something so magical live ! And who knows maybe I’ll be on the concert dvd 😛


Check out some photos and videos from the concert below. Are you a Swiftie ? Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert ? Did you go to any 1989 world tour concerts ? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Lots of Love,

Fangirl Kiki xx



Check out some of the videos on my instagram 🙂

  1. How a Queen enters – WELCOME TO NEWYORK



2. Love her voice ❤ I KNOW PLACES


3. Her smile is everything


4. The crowd looked amazing, and Taylor asked us to join in 🙂


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