Christmas Wedding Ideas 🎄👰🏼

For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I have an obsession with weddings, which is why for today’s post I will be sharing some Christmas Wedding ideas with you all.



Instead of having “something blue”, Christmas dresses usually have “something red”, or “something green”. Other dresses however, are completely red, or completely green. The dresses below are the ones I have selected from pinterest.


Personally I am a huge fan of the red snowflake shoes. I think they are perfect for Christmas Weddings!






Usually if the theme incorporates the traditional Christmas colours – Red and Green, then the bridesmaid dresses are usually Red or Green. However, if the theme is Winter Wonderland, bridesmaid dresses are usually silver.




These flower girl dresses are simply adorable ! The red ribbon is definitely the way to go.



Its all about the lights on Christmas! Lights are what turns a normal wedding into a Christmas wedding. Depending on where you are having your ceremony, and on whether or not you like lights, flowers are always a great alternative.



Flowers, Flowers, Flowers !!!! They are a must for your reception! Personally, I would go with the red and gold theme. Red and gold ceiling drapes with fairy lights would look absolutely magical. Perhaps, gold chair covers with red bow chair sashes? A red table cloth, with a gold table runner, Christmasy or gold plates with red fan styled napkins, and to finish it off, a beautiful Christmasy or floral centrepiece of your choice 🙂 I would also add candles around the centrepiece and around the room, especially if you decide to go with the floral arrangement option. You might also prefer the red and white colour scheme, which is equally stunning.



Below I have attached some of my favourite Christmas centrepieces.


Last but definitely not least – THE WEDDING CAKE.

My favourite element!


There are so many other elements, but I thought I’d stop here before I actually start planning a Christmas Wedding 😛

Are you planning a Christmas Wedding- this year, next year, some time in the future ? I hope this post gave you some ideas 🙂 Would you ever have a Christmas Wedding? – Vote below!

Lots of Love and Merry Wishes,


Kiki xx


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