Boxing Day Sales 🎄🛍 

I absolutely love a good sale, and my favourite sales are the Boxing Day ones! 

Since my Christmas is in January I decided to go and pick up a few things 🙂 

1.  Spiced ginger biscuits in this AMAZING Christmas tin. 

 2. A gorgeous pink mason jar 💖

3. A red glitter tea light candle pack, which I adore (you know I love my glitter 😉 ) 

4. Disney Christmas cards (because I LOVE Disney ) 


5. Gold chocolate coins 🙆🏼🍫 I love these for stockings !   

6. Christmas crackers 🎄 A fun Christmas activity 

7. Candy canes. To be honest, it was SO HARD finding candy canes this year! Couldn’t find any with traditional colours 😦

8. Shortbread ❤️ A Christmas must ! 

9. Star Wars exploding Death Star chocolate for my brothers who absolutely love Star Wars ! 


10. Chocolate elves, which pop on your tongue ! They are a must for my dessert table !   

11. Some small gifts for stockings 


12. A gingerbread village kit. Attempting this once again ! Hopefully I don’t fail 🙊  
   13.  Who am I  Christmas crackers, which I thought would be fun !  

I also bought some other non Christmassy things, which I might share another time 🙂 

Here are some photos from my Boxing Day shop!


Do yo love sales ? If you shopped on Boxing day I would love to see what you bought. Share in the comments below. 

Lots of Love and Merry wishes, 

Kiki xx 


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