💖 21 days until 21 💖 – Day 10

I’ve been waiting for day 10 for a VERY long time ! It is my favourite day of the year – Christmas Day !!! Well, Orthodox Christmas.

Today was an extremely good day. It was, and I think will always be, one of my favourite Christmas’s.

I woke up very early to get ready for church, to celebrate the reason for the season – JESUS’S BIRTH!


Following a beautiful Christmas Day service, I came home, and took photos on my new podium 😉 Once a palm tree, now my stage !

Christmas Day 1 outfit



I then went inside to prepare a few more things, before the rest of my family arrived, and two very special guests – my childhood friends, who I only get to see once a year, because they moved so far away.

Table setting 


Prince Charming arrived soon after ! ❤️😘


Lunch  Menu: 

– Soup

– Sarma

– Pork 

– Lamb

– Greek Salad 

– Pasta Salad

– Bake Potato

  Cracker time ! 

Dessert Table 

Dessert time 


Gift giving  


Gifts I received , and which I am so grateful for xx 

To finish the night off – Some selfies with the Christmad tree and lights 🙂 
It was an incredible day, and I am so glad that I was able to celebrate my favourite day of the year with two of my amazing childhood friends. Definitely one of my favourite Christmases ❤

What did you do on Christmas Day ? What were some of your favourite moments?

Share in the comments below.

Lots of Love and Merry Wishes,

Kiki xx


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