๐Ÿ’–21 Days until 21๐Ÿ’– – Day 11

Welcome to yet another day of my 21 days until 21 challenge.


What’s today? Well start your vocal warm ups, because its none other than KARAOKE DAY !!!! la la la la la


Today’s task is to go onto smule, and sing all of my favourite songs (since its Orthodox Christmas season, I need to include some Christmas tunes).

The challenge is to [HAVE THE GUTS] and upload at least one video to [drum roll if you will] YOUTUBE … dun dun dun #nightmare.

I am not confident, and I am not a great singer, but I SHALL DO IT !!!! Challenge accepted!


1o hours later……..


I pressed upload, I did it, I shall now shut my eyes !

Hope you all like it,







AND I am back !! Ok so I dont know what I was thinking, but it was today’s challenge so I did it. I hope none of you are scared for life ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you like karaoke ? especially when you are ALONE in your room ? – The only time I sing!!!

Share your thoughts about karaoke and my 21 days until 21 in the comments below.


Lots of Love,




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