Autumn Favourites

Welcome to the first day of winter Australia!

It’s the season of hot cocoa by the fireplace and snuggling up to romantic movies, but before we begin all things winter, I want to share some of my autumn favourites with you!


My favourite thing about autumn ? BOOTS!!!!!


Another thing I love about autumn are the scarfs. My favourite ? Definitely the sparkly one πŸ˜‰


My favourite autumn movie this autumn was Hallmark’s Autumn Dreams. I love a good romance movie! If you love romance, autumn, and Colin Egglesfield, I highly recommend that you watch this movie πŸ™‚ Checkout the trailer below!

LADIES! How gorgeous is Colin Egglesfield ?????? 


One of the series that I began reading this Autumn was the elemental series! I absolutely love the books!!!! So far my favourite is Spark. Have you read any of the books from the elemental series? Do you have a favourite ?

Phone cases

I love my Autumn phone cases! I had two Autumn themed cases, and an Easter one this autumn πŸ™‚

If you are interested in buying an autumn phone case, check out ebay! They have some great sales at the moment.


Definitely TEA !!!!!! You can imagine how excited I was, when I received this gift for Easter…..


To finish off I would like to share one of my favourite Autumn quotes:

β€œIt looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”

― Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost

and just like that I have a craving for cinnamon! Off I go to make a smoothie.

What were some of your favourite things this Autumn?

Share in the comments below.

Lots of Love,




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