Two of my favourite hot beverages are COFFEE and HOT COCOA, and I probably drink more than I should. Perhaps my love for coffee and hot cocoa is the reason  for the myriad of mugs I own, or perhaps it’s simply because I love to collect things. Seriously, you should see my room. A garage sale needs to be organised as soon as possible!!! Perhaps this Saturday?

*Side note – If you love garage sales and mysteries, you should take a look at Hallmark’s Garage Sale Mystery movies 🙂 – I am a huge fan!

Returning to mugs-  I have mugs in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Check out some of my mugs below:

My doughnut mug ☕️

My Minnie Mouse Mug ☕️

My winter mug ☕️

My “Loveliest Auntie ever” Mug –  A gift from my nephew 🙂 ☕️

My Disney princess Easter Mug ☕️

My Christmas Mugs ☕️

My Australia Mug ☕️

My large coffee mug ☕️

My large hot chocolate mug ☕️

More coffee mugs ☕️ 

My Harrison Craig mug ☕️

My high school musical mug ☕️My one direction mug ☕️  (This morning’s cappuccino mug )

My 21st birthday mug (it’s too pretty to open) ☕️My Hannah Montana Mugs ☕️
Believe it or not, we have more mugs! These are mine, but I still like to use the other mugs in our kitchen that my parents or brothers usually use.

Do you have a lot of mugs? More ? Less? Which one of my mugs was your favourite?

Share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Lots of love,

Kiki xx


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