Lets talk about… matchmaking!

Be patient, there’s a story….

We all know that matchmaking entails matching two people together, predominantly for the purpose of marriage. Something that you did not know is that it is my BIGGEST pet peeve!

Matchmakingย awakens various emotions in me – none of which are pleasant. I become annoyed, super stressed, anxious and embarrassed – all of which lead to occasional anger.

Now, lets talk about why I dislike it so much…..

Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that I am a hopeless romantic who is a firm believer in fairytales, namely the happy endings. No matter how many times I have witnessed heartbreak, and situations where it feels like all hope is gone-ย ย I rise like a Phoenix and believe more than ever that love will triumph. You can call me crazy, but believing in true love, surrounding myself with positivity , and holding onto that belief of happy endings, is what gets me through the day.

I like to think that if two people are meant to be together, they will find one another. Image result for i will always find you GIFImage result for i will always find you GIF



Personally I believe that if two people find one another on their own, the moment would be far more magical and romantic than if they were set-up by others. And ya’ll know I am all for that romance!!!


Image result for love at first sight  GIFs



Image result for love at first sight  GIFsImage result for love at first sight elena and damon GIFs


When it comes to love at first sight, some people are skeptical. If you’re one of those people thenย I highly recommend that you click on the link below and read a couple of “love at first sight” stories from real life couples.





Ready for my story? No not a love at first sight one (if only). One about a very uncomfortable situation I found myself in today.Image result for popcorn gifs

Earlier today whilst drinking coffee and talking to my friends I was interrupted by a woman that I know. At first I thought she was simply saying hello, but I realised something else was coming, something that I very much dislike.

This woman who I will call Sally for the purposes of anonymity started off by asking me how old I was. I told her, because why not?

Image result for 22 taylor swift gif


Subsequently she said that the lady on the other side of the room (who I will call Maria) has two TALL sons, and that either one of them would be perfect for me. In my attempt to remain subtle about how much I dislike matchmaking, I replied with “Well, I have three TALL older brothers”

Meaningย โ†“โ†“โ†“โ†“

Image result for protective brothers  gif


Sally laughed and continued ” So you have to come to [ an event I am definitely not going to] next week, they will be there”.

Inside I thought “Like I care. This is so not happening”, but I replied with “My apologies, but I will be on holidays”. Which is the truth! #Promise

Image result for promise gif


Guess what? Sally had the nerve to say the following to me: ย “What holiday? No, you have to come”. ย At that point I needed a time out! I let my mother and sister in law take over, whilst I laughed it off, turned around and continued talking to my friends.

Yep you guessed it-ย my coffee was now COLD!!!!ย Image result for spitting coffee  gif

I multitask, so I heard the conversation between my family and Sally. Now she was talking about how great Maria and her boys are. How educated Maria’s boys are. How I simply had to meet them.

I began to feel nauseous. My heart started to beat fast and Iย felt anxiety creep in. I took a deep breath and stopped listening to what Sally was saying. I then discussed why I disliked matchmaking, with my friends. Subsequently I asked my parents if we could leave, and we did.


It was honestly one of the most awkward moments of my life! In the car I asked my mum permission to fake a relationship with a non-existent Italian boy next time this happens (and yes it happens often). I have this whole thing planned out.

  1. We’re in a long distance relationship
  2. We met when I was overseas in 2011
  3. It was “Love at first sight” hahaha
  4. He comes every 6 months for a holiday

And if they ask for a photo, I promise you I will become a photoshop expert!!!!

Image result for guy cute smile  gif

Well that wasย my crazy matchmaking story that led me to writing this blog post. I have an even crazier one and it took place interstate. I’ll leave it for another time. Perhaps a new blog post where I list my top ten most embarrassing matchmaking situations?

Please pray that I find my Prince Charming soon! Because if I don’t these matchmakers will eat me up alive.

Image result for help me  gif


You know what? Perhaps I should standup for myself and tell these matchmakers what I always say, and that is that”I am going to let God be the author of my story”, because He knows who the right person is, and when it’s the right moment. So this GIF is for all you matchmakers…….

Related image


Please remember that the aforementioned opinions are personal! Perhaps there are situationsย where matchmaking has been successful for people? I don’t know, so let me know! ย Share your opinions on matchmaking below!


Lots of Love,










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