Wish you were here…

Today’s post is a little different, and by the end of it I hope that you will feel comfortable to share your experiences, Β and even have the confidence to sing about them.
Unfortunately last year I lost a friend, a wonderful friend. My heart absolutely broke when I heard the news. She passed away overseas, but thankfully we were able to say goodbye to her.

Her funeral was one of the most beautiful funerals (if you can call a funeral beautiful) I’ve attended.I had never previously seen so many people attend a funeral. There were people from various cultures and religions that came together to say goodbye. The choir sounded heavenly. People wore her favourite colour. Her casket was beautiful, she was beautiful. It was extremely hard to say goodbye to such a loved person, and it hurt quite a lot.

That day one beautiful soul brought together so many people.

Today would of been her 26th year.

Delta Goodrem has a song that a lot of us can connect with today Β – “Wish you were here”.
I have previously mentioned that I am not a great singer, but I really wanted to sing this song,and dedicate it to my friend, Β who we all miss very much!

It’s not easy singing a Delta song, but I had to give it a go. I couldn’t help but cry at the end! It’s as if the song was written about her.


Dear D,

Happy 26th year! We miss you in the Earth’s atmosphere πŸ’œ
Have you ever lost someone? How did you start your heeling process? If you want to share, we’re here for you!
Lots of Love,


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