๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸŽฅ Christmas Movie Checklist 2017 ๐ŸŽฅ ๐ŸŽ„


I’m making a list, checking it twice…..


Compiling a Christmas movie list to watch before Christmas, is one of my favourite tasks! I love watching new trailers and recalling childhood favourites. I mix them up andย voilร , I’m all set for theย ๐ŸŽ„ movie countdown to Christmas.

One of my favourite places to search for Christmas movies is, Hallmark Channel! I adore their movies, especially the romantic selection.

Prior to compiling my Christmas movie list, or any Christmas planning, I have a coffee! It helps me think and relax. During the Christmas season, I love using my festive mugs (future post? ๐Ÿค”).







Subsequently, I search for the perfect selection of Christmas movies and write them down in my gold, glitter padded journal. And yes, that is a jingle pen. I adore writing with them during the festive season.




โ„๏ธย Here are my top 12 movies for this Christmas movie list:


On the first day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย ย Polar Express.ย 


โ„๏ธRecently, I learnt how to play the songย Believeย from theย Polar Express,ย on viola. It is honestly one of the nicest pieces of music I have heard. My music teacher was shocked when she discovered that I, one of the biggest fans of all things Christmas, had not yet seen the movie. I promised her that it would be the first movie on my list. The trailer looks amazing!!!

On the second day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย Northpole 1 and 2ย 

โ„๏ธI cannot believe that I have not yet seen Northpole!! Bailee Madison is a very talented actress and one of my favourites, so I know that these two movies will be great!


On the third day of Christmas, my movie choice will be: Enchanted Christmasย 

โ„๏ธWhen a real-life husband and wife star in a romance movie together, and they happen to be Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, you know that it’s going to be a good movie! Looking forward to watching Enchanted Christmas!

On the fourth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย Marry me at Christmas

โ„๏ธNow, when the words “Marry” and “Christmas” are used in the same sentence, you can’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach. I have a feeling like this movie is going to be magical!

On the fifth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย Coming home for Christmas

โ„๏ธTwo brothers. One girl. Doesn’t this remind you of Vampire Diaries? I love the movie already!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย  A Song for Christmasย 

โ„๏ธI always make sure that I add a Christmas movie with music to my list!ย  Why? Well, because….



On the seventh day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย ELF

โ„๏ธNot only do I love a good Christmas romance movie, but I also love a good Christmas comedy! Elf is the perfect movie for those of you that love Christmas and would love a good laugh!

On the eighth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be: Let it Snow

โ„๏ธCandace Cameron Bure is one of my favourite actresses. I love watching all of her Hallmark channel movies, but this one is a must during Christmas! I love it so much. Spreading the love of Christmas is a wonderful sight to see!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย A Royal Christmas

โ„๏ธI love royal romance Christmas movies! They are my favourite! A Royal Christmasย is a truly magical story that shows us not only the power of love, but also what happens when you find yourself in a completely different world to your own, but remain true to yourself.

On the tenth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย 12 Gifts of Christmas

โ„๏ธI love shopping, especially Christmas shopping, so I just had to add this to my list. Looking forward to watching this. Perhaps it will give me some present ideas.ย ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย It’s A Wonderful Life

โ„๏ธYou’ve got to throw in a classic!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my movie choice will be:ย A Christmas Carol

โ„๏ธI’ve read the book, so I’m excited to see how Disney has brought it to life!


If you know me, you will probably know that this will not be my only Christmas movie list. However, it will be my first for 2017.

Have you seen any of the aforementioned movies? Will you be watching any of them this Christmas season? If so, which ones? Do you have any suggestions? Which Christmas movies must I see this Christmas?

Share your thoughts below!


Lots of Love and Merry Wishes,
















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