📷📸🤳Christmas Photo Checklist🤳📸 📷

I love taking photos. Just ask my friends, or look at my facebook and Instagram pages. I had a lovely camera too, until one of my friends dropped it in the tzatziki sauce at my birthday party, but that’s another story! Now, I have a flashless camera, two Polaroid cameras and the amazing camera on my new iPhone 8 Plus.

Perhaps I should add “a new camera” to my wishlist, and wait to see what happens on Christmas day? 🤔🤔🤔


There are so many magical moments to capture during the Christmas season. Below, I have included a list of the moments I would like to capture this Christmas. If you have any more ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section below!


📸 📸 Say cheese….📸 📸

🎄 Assembling the Christmas tree. If you are buying a real tree (lucky you), capture finding the tree, cutting down the tree (if you are cutting down your own tree), tying it to your car’s roof rack and bringing it home.

🎄 Attaching lights to your tree

🎄 Decorating your tree

🎄 Your favourite bauble/ornament

🎄 Handmade ornament

🎄 The tree lit up/the completed tree

🎄 The house lit up with fairy lights

🎄 Close-ups of your favourite ornaments

🎄Baking Christmas cookies

🎄 Building and decorating the gingerbread house

🎄 Cooking the Christmas Brunch/Lunch/Dinner

🎄 Baking the cake/pudding

🎄Christmas wishlist

🎄 Writing your Christmas cards

🎄 Mailing/delivering your Christmas cards

🎄 Wrapping presents

🎄Christmas stockings

🎄Candy canes

🎄Dessert table

🎄 Lunch table


🎄Christmas movie night

🎄Dancing to Christmas music

🎄DIY activities

🎄Family photo in front of the tree

🎄Santa’s milk and cookies (and a key)

🎄Reading the Christmas story

🎄Nativity scene

🎄Attending the Christmas service

🎄Christmas caroling

🎄Singing Christmas songs with the family

🎄 Sharing Christmas memories

🎄 Unopened Christmas presents

🎄Kids bundled up, opening gifts

🎄 If it snows in your country, capture some snow excitement: snow falling, footprints in the snow, snow angels, building a snowman, a sleigh ride?

🎄Your family wearing Santa hats, elf hats, or reindeer ears.

🎄 Advent calender (opening + activities)

🎄 A letter to Santa/Saint Nicholas

🎄Christmas outings

🎄Christmas party

🎄Christmas shopping

🎄Secret Santa

🎄 Christmas coffee mugs

🎄Christmas work party

🎄 Christmas pyjamas

🎄Christmas socks

🎄Christmas slippers

🎄Christmas make-up, hair and outfit

🎄Christmas jumper, or top

🎄Photo with Santa

🎄 Mistletoe and all that comes with 😉

🎄 Wreath

🎄A Christmas coffee (gingerbread latte for me) with a friend

🎄 Christmas crackers

🎄Christmas Eve excitement


I have attached a copy of my Christmas photo checklist below for you to download. Share your ideas with me in the comment section below. Which moments are you looking forward to capturing the most?

Lots of Love and Merry Wishes,


Kiki 🎄

Christmas photo checklist


🎄Moments from Last Christmas 🎄




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